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Talent idea

All these come down to the competition of talents who are the most valuable wealth of Jiadi.

The competition of an enterprise is embodied in many aspects, including product, technology, marketing, service, etc. All these come down to the competition of talents who are the most valuable wealth of Jiadi. 


We shall create a fair and open environment whilst selecting and employing talents through performance, ability and comprehensive quality.Jiadi has been paying attention to the introduction, cultivation and appointment of talents as well as

the status quo, development and future of each talent. In addition to providing highly competitive remuneration and welfare, our company offers explicit room and approach of development as well. 


Everyone is equal, so we respect the unique gift and advantage of each one of our employee and enable our employees to give play to their competence at their suitable posts. We encourage our employees to keep improving their abilities and we also  offer training and the necessary conditions for continuous education. Moreover, Jiadi encourage and approve our employees’ performance in both work and study. Focusing on the overall development of our employees, we have worked to meet the reasonable growing need of our talents.


A true talent needs to have outstanding ability and gift. Besides, virtue is also an indispensable standard for judging a talent. He who has both good virtue and outstanding ability is an excellent talent of Jiadi. 


Upholding “the common development of individuals and enterprise”, Jiadi allows its employees to have the sense of security, the sense of belonging and the sense of achievement from work. While creating social value for customers, enterprise and the society, our company has also worked to realize the value of life of our employees.